Welcome to the Friends and Family 2017 Football Pool.

We are now in Week 11.

Week 11 will be locked Thursday, Nov. 16th at 8:25 PM ET.

Mert J. won Week 10 with 98 points!

Note: Scott W. pointed out that the unplayed/delayed TB vs MIA game is now rescheduled

in Week 11. The Week 11 Picks page has been updated to match the NFL schedule.

All previous Week 11 picks have been erased and y'all now have to re-pick Week 11.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks Scott W!

OOPS - Another NOTE: While rebuilding the week 11 page to include the TB vs Miami game,

Game 8 had SF and not NYG for the Home Team. (I confused Baseball and Football).

Only one member had chosen SF in a Random pick and that has been corrected.

SO - be sure that Game 8 on your sheet is KC vs NYG. Sorry.